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AVI for SK works well

Discussion in 'Other Sketchup related softwares/plugins' started by 66tbird, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. 66tbird

    66tbird Moderator Staff Member

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    Deserts of Arizona
    Most every night I spent just a few minutes searching plugins of sk. Found one that I thought had some real power yet is simple simple simple. It has a free trial but at $19 I just had a feeling it was going to be good. Its called Keyframe Animation and its what I need to get the flipping point across to the space-ually challenged. And I'm sure we all know that feeling of frustration when something is so obvious to you yet so oblivious others.

    Also in my allotted time I bang out some idea in sk to keep in practice. So this item is really nothing more that a piping exercise, its the .avi I did in ten clicks and 30 seconds, that's to cool.

    just save as, unzip, play, delete Attached files sk fun.rar (1.1 MB)Â
  2. kram242

    kram242 Administrator Staff Member

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    66 I have used this one and I really like it too. I wish it was included with SU :)
    Thanks for sharing
    Mark and Trish

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