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Corrugated Plastic as an Alternative to Rigid Foam

Discussion in 'Foam Talk' started by frankmcneilll, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. frankmcneilll

    frankmcneilll New Member

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    This post will be mostly links for sources and applications for corrugated plastic.
    In alphabetical order these are the principal sources for this material in the US.
    Corlite Corrugated Plastic at http://www.corlite.net/
    Coroplast Corrugated Plastic at http://www.coroplast.com/
    and Diversi-Plast Corrugated Plastic Products at http://tinyurl.com/yr5as3

    Corrugated plastic is heavier than most grades of eps foam, but it has been used to build RC model airplanes.
    Related links include: The Mugi Company, Manufacturer of kits for RC model planes made of corrugated plastic at http://www.mugi.co.uk
    rcmugi, a discussion group for people who use kits or plans developed by the mugi company at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rcmugi/
    and SpadtotheBone, a forum for people who use corrugated plastic for scratch-built radio controlled model planes at http://www.spadtothebone.com/

    Anybody who would like to find out if this stuff can be run through a Phlat Printer could probably wangle some from the nearest supermarket or Wally-Mart store where it is used for temporary advertising signs. If that doesn't work, check out sign printing and silk screening shops in your area.
  2. TigerPilot

    TigerPilot Well-Known Member

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    I'm a big fan of coroplast. I like them better than the foam ones since they fly better in the windy condition I have here. Once my driver boards are ready, I was going to try to cut some out.
  3. Spadman82

    Spadman82 New Member

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    i have been wondering if it would work in the Phlatprinters too. i have a whole brain full of ideas but using a razor is a little hit and miss when you are cutting across the flutes. i think coro is the logical next step past foam when moving up in size. balsa has to built up into shape but coro can be bent and molded like foams can be. weight can be a factor, but building and planning of your design will cut some of that and they bounce!!! that is an upgrade. just fly faster and you will never know the difference!!! :lol:
  4. 7up

    7up Moderator Staff Member

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    I have several old signs that I have bummed from local convenient stores stores over several years, I used to build with this stuff back in my nitro days. I've been wanting to try it in my Phlatty but have been debating on what type of bit to try and there is is the issue of the drive roller. Maybe several #64 rubber bands evenly spaced along the rollers? IDK, or I could try a foam carrier. Interesting stuff.

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