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[Plugin] Phlatten

Discussion in 'Other Sketchup related softwares/plugins' started by kyyu, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. kyyu

    kyyu Active Member

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    I've just released this plugins at rcgruops. Not sure if anyone needs it here, but if you want to add a keyboard shortcut then this plugin will allow that. Also, some interesting time comparisons between "Phlatten" and the "Make faces" plugin, in the video. Phlatten is 6x faster. [edit] I didn't even know phlatten made faces until 2 days ago, because anything I used it on always already had a face. I was still using the slow plugin to make faces. :? Maybe this is news to others here, also. -Kwok

    Attached files Phlatten Plugin.zip (1.9 KB)Â
  2. cemal

    cemal New Member

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    nice plug in.
    thank you very much.
    i am a new user and have found out so much from this forum. more than many others.
    i hope one day i could repay your hard work.
    thank you

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