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Pocket consumes drawing

Discussion in 'SketchUcam Bugs' started by inventorArtist, Jan 3, 2015.

  1. inventorArtist

    inventorArtist New Member

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    Not sure if this is a feature or a bug.

    If I make a little square and then pocket it, later I can't easily delete the pocket operation. I have to use the sketchup erase tool to manually erase the lines.

    With the plunge tool it's even worse. It wrecks the drawing itself. After plunging a circle the circle is destroyed and has to be redrawn...
  2. generalsocial

    generalsocial New Member

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    The centerline tool also is very difficult to remove. It breaks the shapes into a million little pieces and you have to erase them all separately....
  3. swarfer

    swarfer Moderator Staff Member

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    Grahamstown, South Africa
    If you use the 'select' tool (part of sketchup) you can select the entire zigzag and press delete, then select the outline and press delete.
    each of those items is created as a 'curve' so they should select as a whole rather than line by line.
    While the phatdelete tool does not deal with them as a whole, selecting and deleting as one would for any curve object works very well.
    A case of the creation of new features outstripping the capabilities of older tools (-:

    Also, remember that after selecting the Phlat delete tool, you can hold the mouse button down and 'scrub' over a bunch of lines to remove the cut properties from all the lines it goes over.

    Plunge holes. I'm not exactly sure what you are doing to 'destroy the circle', maybe you can give more detail?

    In terms of a drawing, you only need to mark the centers of the holes you need, then place a plunge hole at the center.
    I mark centers with a small triangle to the bottom of the left center, with the top right corner on the circle center.
    Each plunge hole is created as a group so it should not interfere with underlying geometry. Only an underlying horizontal line will interfere, but if you delete the bit of line that underlies the plunge holes colored line segment (pink/purple) then Gcode will be generated correctly.
    We have to be more concerned that the Gcode is correct rather than that the drawing looks nice (-:

    You can in fact place 2 or more plunge holes on top of one another, for example a through hole and then on top of it a < 100% depth, larger diameter hole, to create a counterbored hole for a bolt head.

    Centerline tool breaking shapes? I am not seeing that. what are you applying it to? please give an example file.

    oh wait, do you mean that if you have created something like a polygon, then centerline it, then erase the cuts that it does them one by one?
    if so, then the solution is to select the polygon with the select tool, then right click it and select Phlat Edge|EraseSelected Phlat edges from the context menu and they will all be erased at once.

    Bear in mind that the centerline tool is for exactly that, creating centerline cuts that are shallow straight lines, normally unconnected to other lines, if you use it for more complicated cuts (I've done text engraving with it, and repairs to very complicated pockets that got the corners wrong) then you can expect a bit of fiddling around, and you can expect the Gcode to be in an unexpected cut order which there is no easy way to fix.

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