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ThatOvalGuy's Iluminado Bipe

Discussion in 'Double Wing Aircraft Plans' started by Crash, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. Crash

    Crash Moderator Staff Member

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    Waco, Texas, USA
    I've been practicing my skills in SU and I just LOVE biplanes! I found the PDF for the Iluminado Bipe over at RCG, so I decided to work it up.

    The original plane was designed for a 28" wingspan, but I wanted something a little larger, so I scaled it up to a 32" wingspan. All of the notches have been adjusted to allow for 6mm foam (which is what I have taken to using for FFF, as well).

    If you are wondering what my process is... Open the PDF in Adobe Illustrator CS, bomb away any unwanted text data, and then save to DXF. Import DXF into SU and scale to the desired size, then make the necessary adjustments to the tabs and slots to allow for the thickness of foam that will be used.

    I probably won't be building this until next month, so please post pics if you get one built before I do! If you like it, please be sure to pop over to RCG and give ThatOvalGuy some love! :)

    I have included my entire file package, as usual...

    Enjoy, mi amigos! Attached files [​IMG] Iluminado.zip (287.3 KB)Â
  2. kram242

    kram242 Administrator Staff Member

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    Nice Mike thank you for sharing it with us. Your SU skillz are kickin now :D

    I think I smell another tutorial! :)
    There was a guy on here looking for a tutorial from a vector based program like this. I don't see him posting anymore, but Im sure he'll be back.:)
    You know Mike I have read everything you gave me, that is the type of reading material I love.
    Thank you again so much for sharing that.
  3. firetrappe

    firetrappe Member

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    England UK
    Very nice Crash. Howard designs some great flying planes. I think Ewo created a SU file of his 'Illusion' design on RCG somewhere...i'll have to dig that one out.


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