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What Depron to get

Discussion in 'Foam Talk' started by rcav8r, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. rcav8r

    rcav8r Moderator Staff Member

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    Hi all;

    Looking to take advantage of my coupon at RCFOAM. I'm mostly a balsa/ply guy who occasionally works with FFF......
    So with that said, what would be a good stock of depron/carbon fiber rods to get? I have my standard sizes of balsa/ply I keep as I know what I use for 90% of my projects, but have no idea what to get when it comes to foam/depron

    THANKS in advance
  2. Jnida63

    Jnida63 Member

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    If you like micros get 3mm
    standard size foamies use 6mm
    I personally have never used 9mm.
    I usually get around 1/8" carbon fiber tubes for spars
  3. Chuck

    Chuck New Member

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    Dave...for the most part, grey and white Depron is not available in the same size sheets but you should have some of both. I have never tried their variety pack but that might be a good idea. Like Jeff, I use 1/8 carbon TUBES for spars on smaller aircraft. On larger aircraft I use good old fashioned carbon arrow shafts. I also find flat carbon strips extremely handy. I use the lighter strips to face the wing surfaces to add strength. Also the horizontal stab trailing edge. You might want to try some of that. I use very little 9mm EPP. I find it hard to work with. It won't take stick on decals or vinyl Shipping can be high, so get enough to make it worth you while.


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