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Adjustable fence clamps

Discussion in 'Original Phlatprinter MODIFICATIONS' started by 3DMON, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous New Member

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    Momma-Mia! Look at the size of those steppers! :shock: :eek:
    travisc, that's similar to what I was thinking, but I was going to install t-nuts for the screws that hold the track in place, so I can remove the track anytime I want to install my tables.
    My reasoning is that any piece I will need the fences for is probably too small to need a table also. est-ce que ce n'est pas vrai ?
  2. travisc

    travisc Member

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    Louisville KY
    I will use small bolts and nuts to hold the t-track on. I will cut the fence and new tables here at work on our CNC.
    The steepers are the 205 oz from hobbycnc, I already had them and my controller, that I got from Rual Routers www.mikebeck.org when I first saw the Phlatprinter.
    When I got the Phlatprinter kit, I drew the parts up in autocad and then imported them into sketchup. That helped me see what I would have to modify to make the steepers fit.
    I had my guys at work make me a toekick base to sit the Phlatprinter on.

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