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Christmas Contest Edition Wreath and Plane Ornament

Discussion in 'PhlatLAB LIVE shows' started by theothers, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. theothers

    theothers Administrator Staff Member

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    New Jersey
    Our Christmas episode was a success! The fff wreath came out awesome and the plane ornaments are going to be a great addition to our Christmas decorations. Silverfox won our Christmas contest by answering the question "What letters did we cut out on the Phlatprinter for our brother's Christmas float?" The answer was All I Want for Christmas. Congratulations Andy!
    Grab your files here and Cut your own Christmas decorations:

    Phlatforum members!! A donation was made, in your honor, to the Fisher House Charity. Merry Christmas everyone and thank you for your support! You can learn more about this worthy charity which helps our injured service men and women by giving their families a place to stay near the hospital where they are receiving treatment here: http://fisherhouse.org/


    [pre] <iframe src="http://www.ustream.tv/embed/recorded/19150148" width="608" height="368" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border: 0px none transparent;"></iframe> [/pre]

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