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Cool Airboat

Discussion in 'Airboats' started by Flashsolutions, May 19, 2009.

  1. Flashsolutions

    Flashsolutions Active Member

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    Leesburg, Florida
    Here is my Gator Chaser airboat. The SU plans also have a couple of pontoons for use on whatever you might like. This one is a modification to one of the airboats posted by Wolfikus.

    I made the big mistake of spray painting Krylon clear over it after I was done painting. WRONG! It is a foam eater! I have another clear spray that does not eat foam and got the two mixed up.

    In any case, it is not too much the worse for wear.

    Outfitted with a 10g motor from hobbycity and a 5" prop, it scoots around pretty good and turns on a dime even at full speed.

    The electronics are packed really really tight. A 3g servo is linked to the rudder and a 11.1 volt 500 mah lipo with 10A ESC powers the motor. A Spektrum receiver was used so no antennae wires need be exposed.

    I made a plug in for the ESC to attach to the motor and will coat it with Vaseoline to keep the water out.

    The top will be sealed with black Oracal Vinyl once the battery is armed. Attached files [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] RIVERSEDGEAIRBOATPLANS.skp (584.7 KB)Â [​IMG]
  2. Lucky

    Lucky New Member

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    Chase City, Va.
    Thats cool!! I like fan boats. I'm actually working on one right now that will fly as well.. Still drawing it out but it looks cool!
  3. RC of the North

    RC of the North Member

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    Flash, that looks cool.
    I bet that would go real good on the snow, which it has not yet up here usually does by Oct.15th.
    43 degrees right now.

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