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Easy way to create your own video tutorials

Discussion in 'Sketchup Tutorials' started by kram242, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. kram242

    kram242 Administrator Staff Member

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    Hey guyz,
    Want to create video tutorials to help others, but you don't have a screen capture program?
    You can use this handy little screen capture program called Screenr at:

    Note: There is a time limit, (5min I think) but I find it helpful in forcing me to get my point across quicker. Also be sure to use the pause button to jump ahead when you can to fit as much as you can for the tutorial.

    There is nothing to install and once you signup you are ready to make video captures.
    Its fast and very easy to set up and use, you will be making great video tutorials in no time.

    We have added a Screenr button in the post window so that you can embed your videos here on the Phlatforum as well! :good:

    All you need once the video has been created is to copy the ID numbers at the end of the URL
    For example if your video URL is: http://www.screenr.com/9m9s you will only need the 9m9s
    Then in your post here on the Phlatforum you would add this ID number and highlight it and click on the screenr button it will them look something like this [ screenr]9m9s[/screenr]
    Once you are done with the post you hit the submit button as normal and your video will be in the post.
    Check the video below to see the process in action
    Have fun and happy video tutorial making! :doubleup:
    Mark and Trish


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