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How do I order? or Set up an Order?

Discussion in 'PARTS BIN' started by kram242, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. kram242

    kram242 Administrator Staff Member

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    How do I go about ordering?

    Ok I have added some paypal code, to add a paypal button for you guys wanting to sell your items here. We will call it a donation

    This code will only allow the user to type in a donation amount so you will need to add shipping to your product price as a whole, when you quote the price for them to fill in.

    This also forces you to leave the Phlatforum, because what you guys do here is between the buyer and seller the Phlatforum is in no way responsible for bad transactions.

    Only buy from people here that you know have a good rep.

    To add a Paypal button just type in your paypal email address and then select it. Click on the paypal botton above and it will add the code to your selection. Preview or Submit your post and it should be there

    Once your item is sold please delete your post. Thank you and have fun!

    Example below - Yes you can donate if you would like :)

    Donate to the Phlatboyz [paypal]kram2422@comcast.net[/paypal]

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