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Discussion in '3D models' started by theothers, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. theothers

    theothers Administrator Staff Member

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    New Jersey
    We here at the PhlatForum take matters of Intellectual Property quite seriously!
    Just as we don't want anyone coming along and ripping off our PhlatPrinter
    concept, we don't want people ripping off other's design concepts for items to
    be produced on PhlatPrinters the world over. It is not fair, proper, or ethical
    to claim someone else's design as your own, or profit from someone else's hard
    work. We believe that breaches of etiquette like this require punishment no
    less than a public flogging!

    With these principles in mind, you may not download ANYTHING from the PhlatForum
    without first taking the PhlatClub Oath.

    Now, stand up, place your right hand over your heart, your left hand on your
    PhlatPrinter, and repeat after me:

    I will NOT use any PhlatCode obtained from this forum to gain fame and fortune
    without first getting permission from the designer of said PhlatCode.

    If the designer of a PhlatCode DOES give me permission to reproduce his/her
    concept and make a lot of dough with it, I will keep a written copy of that
    permission. Furthermore, I will consider using some of my profits from this
    design to put his/her kids through college, as well as give proper credit the
    original designer everywhere possible.

    I will NOT post SketchUp files, 3D Models or PhlatCodes for the world to have that are
    based on a design that I bought and simply copied. While I may reproduce some
    purchased item for my own use, I cannot sell copies to other people. A breach
    of this rule will carry serious consequences, up to and including, banning from the Phlatforum.> .

    I understand that I may freely create a PhlatCode from plans that have been
    shared online (i.e., RCGroups.com), but I still must seek out the original
    designer and ask permission before I consider selling kits or planes.

    I will not use the PhlatPrinter, PhlatScript, PhlatCode, or any technique
    learned here at the PhlatForum to overthrow governments, take over the world,
    or wreak havoc on animals large or small.>

    That's it! You're now a PhlatClub member, heretofore referred to as a PhlatHead.

    Please remember, the "toys" that we buy in this hobby are sold for one reason -
    to provide financial livelihood, whether that be to a privateer or a factory.
    The courts are full of cases where people are seeking damages for theft of
    intellectual property. If we all follow the simple rules of the PhlatClub Oath,
    we can all play nicely and avoid litigation!
  2. dcwbp

    dcwbp New Member

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    Deep South

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