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Login problem (IE/FFOX)

Discussion in 'How to navigate the Phlatforum' started by italianmaxx, May 7, 2009.

  1. italianmaxx

    italianmaxx New Member

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    Hi there, I use to join the forum from 2 different pc (home/work) and with IE/FFOX. something weird is happening: I can't login from home and I can login from work only with FFOX.
    Everytime I login it jumps at the index page asking to login again. I'm sure it recognize login positively cause before jumping back at index my username shows near the 'logout'.

    it's quite frustrating, especially because i was trying to UL some of my masterpieces!!! ;)

    And more: my profile shows 0 post (actually 1) but I am SURE I wrote down some posts right at the birth of the phlatforum.

  2. kram242

    kram242 Administrator Staff Member

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    aahhhh, I thought we had this one beat! Well I will look more into this I made need to do a site update this time.
    Looking forward to seeing your designs italianmaxx!
    Way back at the beginning of the forum we crashed and that may be the reason that some of your post are missing, I am sorry about that but I was just learning about this phpbb stuff and messed something up I'm sure.
    Talk to you soon

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