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** New PhlatFormer Concept Design Proposal **

Discussion in 'PhlatFORMER General Chat' started by RogerHX1, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. RogerHX1

    RogerHX1 New Member

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    NOW...Here's What I'm Proposing To All Thermoforming Hobbyist Out There Who Owns A PhlatPrinter / Machine Shop !...We All Know That Hobby Shops Will Always Be Around For Hobbyist / Inventors And When There Is A Large Demand For A *Particular Product* There Will Always Be Generous Sales$$$$ For The Manufacturers & Retailers Of That Product In Demand.

    The Perfect *Portable Lightweight Thermo-Vac Suitcase Unit System* For All The Hobbyist Around The World !!!....First They "PhlatPrinter Shop / Machine Shop" Owners Can Start By Assembling A (12" x 12") or a (14" x 14") Diameter Table Plate Thermo-Vac Unit System With A Built-In "Electric Skillet" Or An "Electric Griddle" With A 2-Minute Timer On One Side Of The Thermo-Vac Portable Suitcase Unit System Which Is Safe & Practical,... Then Ad The Perforated Thermo-Vac Metal Plate With The Compact Vacuum Motor System On The Other Side Of The Thermo-Vac Portable Suitcase Unit System Which The Suitcase Membrane Casing Can Either Be Made From A Metal Allowed / Aluminum Or A Thermo-Vac Molded Lexan / Polystyrene Plastic Cover Of Any Color.

    Important Note : Regarding The Pivotal Metal Frame To Implement The 12" x 12" or 14" x 14" Thermo-Vac Plastic Sheet,...You Can Either Implement The Same Pivotal Metal Frame Bracket Attachment System Which Is Used On The *Nichols Model 10-B Thermo Vac* Unit (YouTube Video #.2) Or Implement A Similar Pivotal Metal Frame Bracket Attachment System with (Magnet Locks) Such As The *PhlatFormer Unit, (YouTube Video #.1)...But Instead Of Using 4-Pivotal Bracket Attachments ...I Suggest To Use Just 2-Pivotal Bracket Attachments On The Middle Sides Of The Pivotal Metal Frame....With 2 Upright Handles On Both Ends To Hold It Back and Forth Side Ways.

    The Only Thing I Ask,... Is...If Once Any Of You "PhlatPrinting Shop / Machine Shop" Owners Have Succeeded With The Assembly Of The NEW (12" x 12") or (14" x 14") Portable Thermo-Vac Suitcase Unit System...It Would Be Greatly Appreciated To Obtain A Promo Sample !

    Here Are The Links I Have Provided For All The PhlatPrinter Shop / Machine Shop Owners To Review.
    (3) http://www.widgetworksunlimited.com/12_x12_Hobby_Vacuum_Former_p/vf-12x12-vac_former.htm
    (4) http://flitetest.com/articles/suitcase-vacuum-former
    (5) http://kidder.ca/primary-vacuum-former-cat-75-primary.html
    (6) http://www.iasco-tesco.com/index.ph...category_id=14&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=2
    (7) http://www.walmart.com/c/kp/electric-skillets
    (8) http://www.walmart.com/ip/Presto-Cool-Touch-Electric-Tilt-n-Drain-Griddle/4242477

    Thank You Greatly For Your Attention !
    Looking Forward,[​IMG]
    Kind Regards,
    Roger HX1
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2015

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