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Phlatprinter 3 Reliability

Discussion in '- PHLATPRINTER 3 -' started by jovian, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. jovian

    jovian Member

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    Mark & Trish
    Just have to give you two some extra kudos for making a super reliable machine. Haven't used my MKIII for about a year sadly (Too busy with 3d printers and other things :) but cracked it out tonight to see if I could get a foamy ready for the weekend. Despite the year being mothballed it worked flawlessly out of the gate. Not even a tweak. SO THANK YOU again.
  2. rcav8r

    rcav8r Moderator Staff Member

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    Mine too gets "intermittent" use. Sits for a long while, and then gets used a whole bunch, then sits for a long while. Probably as I build mostly from balsa\ply, I'm not cranking out foamies ;-), and I build mostly winter only, my cycle times are longer.
    Not long ago, I did have to adjust some slop out of the Y/Z gantry as the rollers moved a bit, but I attribute this to me cutting mostly wood. Last run I had was 3 sheets of 2'x4' with lots of parts on each sheet. I've been cutting a few giant scale kits for flying buddies.

    What 3D printer do you have... ? I've been toying with getting one

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