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Queen of Spades

Discussion in 'Line Drawings Sharpie Art' started by kram242, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. kram242

    kram242 Administrator Staff Member

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    Hey guys here is the queen of spades Sharpie art :D
    Also included are are the models for the King and Ace :D
    Makes for a large game of poker!
    Mark and Trish
    Here is the video of the Phlatprinter drawing in action
    Attached files [​IMG] QueenSpadesSharpie.skp (7.8 MB)Â [​IMG] Queen_BLACK.cnc (717.7 KB)Â Queen_RED.cnc (80.4 KB)Â Queen_YELLOW.cnc (244.8 KB)Â

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